LCA Takes Lead on New Initiative

With many opportunities on the horizon, this coming year is shaping up to be LCA’s most expansive effort to date.

Our Louisiana Presenters Network (LPN), will be partnering with Arts Councils in Mississippi and Alabama to create a tri-state Gulf States Presenters Network.

The LPA is poised to take the lead in this initiative. With programs, a roster of performers and presenter platforms in place, we will be able to set the example and standards for this initiative. It is about promoting our artists and encouraging movement in the three states. The more presenters and venues, the stronger the structure.

Each state has agreed to match funding with each other. Creating a pot of money that will be distributed equally among the venues willing to host and feature the neighboring states talent. A “Talent Exchange Program,” so to speak, that will expose and grow participating organizations, artists and communities through arts and culture.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting venture and on our convening in November!