Louisiana Partnership for the Arts is the statewide advocacy organization representing 7,871 arts-related businesses employing 54,375 people and impacting millions of audience members in every community in the state.

Cultural nonprofit organizations provide a powerful spark for communities across Louisiana that are aiming to reignite their economic growth after being devastated by the pandemic.

  • Jobs: Cultural organizations provide jobs in every community in the state, employing 25% of all workers in the Leisure and Hospitality Sector—the fifth largest employer in the state.
  • Revenue: Every dollar of public support to cultural organizations returns $7 in state and local revenues—an excellent rate of return that does not even take into account secondary activities like dining and travel.

Cultural organizations help other sectors blossom.

  • Tourism: Cultural organizations stimulate economic activity in the Leisure and Hospitality Sector—a major driver of Louisiana’s economic recovery which is dependent on a thriving cultural sector to attract visitors.
  • Talent: Cultural organizations are the backbone of any business-friendly community for retaining and attracting a talented workforce—a generational challenge for Louisiana, which is facing stiff global competition for talent and business development.

Cultural activity creates jobs.
Cultural activity generates commerce.
Cultural activity drives tourism.
Cultural activity is vital to Louisiana’s economic recovery.

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor houses the Office of Cultural Development (OCD) and the Louisiana Division of the Arts (LDOA), which work to support and generate cultural activity in every community in the state. Relief funding for this office provides a direct, powerful impact on the state’s economic recovery.

Email:  louisianapartnership4arts@gmail.com

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